Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

L3 Communications' Mobius™

L3 Communications' Mobius™ is an optionally piloted aircraft (capable of both manned and unmanned flight), designed for Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) as well as Reconnaissance, Surveillance and Target Acquisition (RSTA) missions. Structural analysis, hardware fabrication and final delivery of the propeller assembly were key components of this endeavor. The Mobius™ is currently equipped with an AeroComposite's three-blade pusher propeller. 

L3 Communications' Mobius™ making a high-speed pass

Urban Aeronautics' AirMule

Urban Aeronautics' AirMule is designed as a Vertical Take-Off and Landing unmanned medevac system capable of operating in urban environments (due to its shielded rotors).  To accomplish their goal, Urban Aeronautics contracted AeroComposites to design and manufacture the AirMule's Fan Lift Units.  Each of the two 5-blade assemblies, along with a new 5-blade hub design, were successfully tested and delivered per the agreement.

Urban Aeronautics' AirMule first engine start